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Do you have Sleep Problems
30% of Americans have chronic sleep problems !
36% of Americans get as little as 5 hours sleep at night !
this leads to brain fog, memory loss, irritability

The reasons why people have sleep problems

Stress and Anxiety

In today’s world of work pressures, COVID, Cost Of Living Crisis . Are you  stressed to the limit and its is have a detrimental affects on your sleep.

Senior Citizen's Sleep Problems

Many Senior Citizens experience very poor sleep due to physical and mental health issues, medications, changes in lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Depression and Mental Health Problems

It is estimated that 21% of Americans have suffered a depressive episode in 2021

Some of the effects of of this Sleep Crisis in the US

Lack of sleep can some major health problems like:
1- type 2 diabetes
2- heart disease
3- depression

What are some herbs and foods that can improve your sleep patterns

Magnesium mineral

Magnesium minerals are important for muscle and nerve function, key role in relaying signals between brain and body, relaxes, reduces anxiety, improves sleep.

Goji fruit

Goji fruit-promotes neuroplasticity, improves quality of sleep, ease of awakening, mental acuity, calmness, and feelings of happiness.

Ashwagandha herb

Ashwagandha herb-powerful herbal adaptogen fights stress, promotes restful sleep, improves brain function, memory and concentration


The Delta Sleep formula is made with carefully selected vitamins, minerals like : magnesium minerals, Goji fruit and Ashwagandha  herbs . These are some of the the key Brain neuro-hormone & antioxidant that work in synergy to nourish the brain, restore the natural sleep cycle, reduce stress and anxiety, boost memory and protect the brain from damage.

  • restores your body natural sleep and wake cycle

  • enhances your brain power and aids your memory

  • helps to induce the state of deep delta sleep to improve memory, problem-solving, language-processing and creativity.

  • Supports both your sleep patterns and your brain rejuvenation

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